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Common Myths About Floor Scrubber Dryers

There is a wide range of myths regarding the benefits and drawbacks of floor scrubber dryers, Therefore, we thought it was wise to state a few things to help you make an informed decision when you go shopping for your next cleaning equipment purchase. 1. You don’t need one for a new floor Many flooring […]

Productive use of your Floor Polisher / Buffer

Keeping a polished floor in pristine condition takes both and effort. So how can this be achieved productively without taking the floor out of service for extended periods of time, asks Columbus UK Tanny Sinfield. Maintaining a high shine on a polished floor can be a time-consuming task. But no business or public facility can function properly […]

The future of industrial sterilising and sanitising

The use of steam cleaners offer several key benefits over conventional, more traditional cleaning methods such as chemical, these benefits include:  Steam cleaning is Eco-friendly, no chemicals are involved. The heat will disinfect or sanitize all surfaces Steam eradicates bacteria and cleans in one application Steam evaporates quickly, so surfaces dry much quicker Enables the cleaning of the most […]