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Car manufacturers are now placing greater emphasis on the customer experience and this extends to the workshop area. With vehicles coming in and out all day, workshop floors need special care and attention to remain safe and well-presented. However, staff are often under time constraints due to the nature of service and repair work.

To address these challenges, we offer a range of cleaning equipment and solutions for car manufacturers. For larger dealerships and bodyshops that need to clean 30 or more vehicles each day, our automatic rollover washes and water reclaim systems provide fast turnaround times with spotless results. Our expert consultation service ensures that the installation is tailored to each dealership for optimal results.

Our cold water high pressure cleaners are designed for maximum convenience and performance, making them ideal for pre-washing or detail cleaning. They are perfect for use where diesel emissions are prohibited or where hot water is not needed. Hot water models are also available for quicker removal of road dirt, grease, and oil residues, reducing the need for detergent. Many of our hot water models also feature a steam function for degreasing and dewaxing tasks.

For fast and thorough interior cleaning, our range of wet & dry vacuums and spray-extraction machines are perfect for removing dirt from carpets, upholstery, and trim. This ensures that customers are left with a great impression of the service they are receiving.

We also offer water reclamation solutions using state-of-the-art water treatment systems, which help to reduce fresh water consumption and the cost to the environment. By reducing water usage, car manufacturers and dealerships can not only reduce costs, but also improve their environmental impact.

At Columbus , we are committed to providing the best cleaning solutions for car manufacturers to ensure that their workshops are safe, clean, and presentable for customers. Contact us today to learn more about our range of cleaning equipment and solutions.


We cover all areas of the North East including Darlington, County Durham, Teesside, Newcastle and North Yorkshire.  We also cover the UK far and wide.

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