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Professional vacuuming with Taurus PR and Costellation IR

To clean the interior of any type of vehicle, it is important to use a professional vacuum cleaner, such as the Taurus PR. The key features of this product are: the 3 extraction motors with by-pass cooling, equipped with independent switch-on to progressively increase their performance; the tilting tank, for quick and easy emptying in just a few moves; the cloth filter for […]

Why cleaning school floors with the Dart scrubber-dryer

Schools, Nurseries, Colleges and Universities consist mainly of classrooms, hallways, offices and meeting rooms, located on different floors. Opting for a compact, manoeuvrable and easy-to-carry floor scrubber-dryer allows getting the most out of this product, taking advantage of it in any environment, from locker rooms to cafeterias. Dart is an excellent floor scrubber-dryer, ideal for cleaning small rooms and with […]

Floor care: which sweeper to choose?

Using a tool dedicated to professional cleaning is a superior advantage in terms of cost and time savings. To always obtain the best result, it is important to choose the right sweeper for your needs, evaluating the size and characteristics of the space to be cleaned, the working time to be devoted to the activity and the frequency of […]

What’s all the pressure for?

What are the main functions of high-pressure machines these days? Are new applications emerging all the time in line with green energy developments and innovative building designs?  And are there certain tasks that can only be tackled with the aid of a high-pressure cleaner? Columbus Cleaning Machines director poses these questions to industry manufacturers. HIGH-PRESSURE […]

Columbus UK: Helping make Britain’s Warehouses cleaner places to work

Established over 18 years ago, Columbus UK is one of the North East of England’s leading suppliers of industrial cleaning equipment, offering a one stop sales, service and hire shop. Columbus supply a full range of equipment covering all aspects of cleaning, including hot and cold, high and low pressure washing applications, specialist vacuum cleaners […]

Revolutionising Industrial Cleaning: Columbus UK Guide to the Benefits of Hiring Battery-Powered Floor Sweepers and Scrubber Driers

Welcome to our blog which today is all about Industrial floor cleaners, where we explore the transformative advantages of hiring battery-powered industrial floor sweepers and scrubber driers for optimal cleaning solutions. In the dynamic world of industrial settings, cleanliness is not just a necessity but a strategic move towards efficiency and safety. In this blog, […]

Benefits of Hiring a Battery Floor Sweeper for Factory Floor Cleaning

Welcome to our latest Columbus UK blog, where we explore the game-changing benefits of hiring a battery floor sweeper for factory floor cleaning. In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, efficiency is key. A clean and well-maintained factory floor not only ensures a safe working environment but also plays a crucial role in enhancing productivity. In […]

The introduction of floor scrubber-dryers

Technological progress has always been geared towards improving human life. In the case of floor scrubber-dryers, the improvement in life has been twofold: less effort for those who have to clean, to the joy and respect especially of those who do it as their job, and cleaner environments, benefiting those who live in them. The breakthrough in the field […]

Steam to eliminate bed bugs

Half of Europe is subject to an alarm that started in France and soon spread to the United Kingdom, and the threat seems to be getting wider and wider: bed bugs, bloodsucking insects that proliferate in mattresses and resist insecticides. The most effective solution to fight them is high temperature. In this article we will find […]