Columbus UK, Darlington Office Based

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Columbus Cleaning Machines is proud to be the North East’s leading supplier of Industrial cleaning equipment such as battery scrubber dryers, push along sweepers, high pressure cleaners .

Whatever your cleaning requirements are, we are sure we will have the industrial cleaning machine to match your needs no matter where you are located,

We are based in Darlington, County Durham and cover all areas of the North East including Darlington, County Durham, Teesside, Newcastle and North Yorkshire.  We also cover areas including Glasgow,Leeds,Manchester,Birmingham,Coventry and London

We are LAVOR floor cleaning and Erhle High pressure cleaners main dealers and we are proud to offer an extensive range of Industrial cleaning equipment.  We also offer a large assortment of Commercial and Industrial Pedestrian and Ride-on Scrubber Dryers, Battery Floor Sweepers and Commercial wet and dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaners.

We understand the importance of testing and using equipment before you make a purchase , so we are more than pleased to offer a FREE DEMONSTRATION on our full range of  Industrial cleaning machines .  Our experienced sales team can show you exactly how the cleaning machine works in your environment and the benefits to you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01325 371439  and speak to our sales team  to arrange your demonstration anywhere in the UK including Glasgow,Darlington,North East, Coventry,Leeds and London  Alternatively email us on or complete the enquiry form below.

If you are not sure which Industrial cleaning machine will suit your requirements and need and helpful advice, we can also carry out a FREE site survey to assist you. 

Please complete the enquiry form below to provide us with details of the Industrial cleaning machine you are interested in.