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Hospitals, private clinics, retirement homes and outpatient clinics are places of transit, used by hundreds of people every day. Doctors, nurses, operators and patients are constantly moving through the spaces, bringing germs, bacteria, dirt and dust from the outside.

Ensuring the cleanliness and hygiene of these areas is essential to ensure well-being and safety, avoiding damage to the floors and the proliferation of germs and bacteria. An excellent tool for floor carewhich guarantees cleaning and sanitation is the floor scrubber dryer. Thanks to this product it is possible to clean and dry any type of surface in just a few minutes, intervening on the same area even several times a day.

Floor scrubber dryers: all the benefits

Within places such as hospitals, clinics and health facilities, it is important to find effective solutions for floor care and that are suitable for the practical needs of the place. Here it is not possible to bar access to persons to clean a certain area or to postpone cleaning until night-time, allowing germs and bacteria to proliferate or leaving floors dirty and sticky.

The floor scrubber dryer meets the needs of this type of environment, offering silent, safe and fast cleaning, which works thoroughly without hindering the important activities being carried out by doctors, nurses and operators.

The main advantages of floor scrubber dryers are:

  • The reduction of working time. With the same surface area, the floor scrubber dryer cleans and sanitises, saving more than 50% of time compared to traditional tools, such as a bucket of water and a rag. In this way it is possible to clean several times a day, significantly optimising times and obtaining an excellent result;
  • The accessibility of the area is unaffected, as they can also be used with the presence of doctors and visitors. The floors are always dry and safe, the silence of the instrument does not disturb visitors and patients, and the compactness avoids distracting doctors and operators;
  • An important saving in terms of water and detergent, while achieving a much higher level of sanitation than traditional floor cleaning tools;
  • An excellent aesthetic result, with floors that are always neat and clean. Thanks to the action of the rotary brushes, any type of stain, encrustation or dirt is easily eliminated without leaving any trace.

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