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We have a huge range of Industrial floor cleaners in Gateshead with industrial cleaning equipment to suit  pretty much any space or need you might have for floor cleaning. Whether you’re in the market or  looking for vacuum sweepers,cleaners, factory floor cleaners or workshop floor cleaner in Gateshead, or even heavy-duty sit on floor cleaner in Gateshead , you’ll be able to find what you need at Columbus Cleaning machines. 

Whether in the logistics sector,metal or steel processing, construction industry or building ,cement works: lavorwash industrial sweepers are reliable and highly efficient. They are specifically  designed for the most  toughest industrial use for small, medium and large areas that have increased dirt volumes. The award-winning efficient  filter system insures a dust-free environment  for even in extreme cases. for all areas including Gateshead, Norh East of England

The Lavorwash Comfort range of industrial  floor cleaner in Gateshead is available for short-term hire, rolling hire, lease rental and of course  purchase, whatever you may require for insuring the cleanliness of your facility no matter what the size of  floor cleaner in Gateshead, North East.  As well as this, hard floor cleaner in Gateshead every delivery includes machine familiarisation and operator check sheets .Every Industrial floor cleaner in Gateshead. Continuous support and fast response mobile service support for battery floor cleaners and push along sweepers in Gateshead.

When it comes to sit on floor cleaner and push along scrubber dryers  in Gateshead they are ideal for cleaning more straight and narrow walkways or even areas around shop floor machinery, we recommend battery floor scrubber dryer cleaner in Gateshead with the Lavorwash Evo push along pedestrian scrubber dryer  battery floor cleaner in Gateshead.  It is an extremely highly robust and built mid-size battery scrubber floor cleaner in Gateshead with fantastic scale capabilities which makes it perfect  for cleaning inside and outside warehouses even car parks. industrial battery floor cleaners in Gateshead are perfect for  factories of all industries and any other type of industrial application and  environment floor sweepers and scrubber driers in Gateshead, North East of England.

The heavy-duty battery pack in The Ride on scrubber driers  provide longer run time between charges this range of floor cleaner in Gateshead, which means you can certainly  really make the most of your cleaning time and reduce labour expenses..  T


If you would like further information on our huge range of industrial floor cleaner or hot and cold pressure washers in Gateshead or if you  require machine advice, contact us on 01325 371439.  Alternatively, send us an email at and we’ll be happy to assist regarding any pressure cleaner or floor cleaner in Gateshead the North east of England.