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Our industrial  floor cleaning machines are used in many applications ranging from food hygiene production to engineering and manufacturing  works in Sunderland and nationwide  Anywhere there is a floor cleaning problem, Columbus UK  can assist anywhere in Sunderland . Columbus Cleaning Machines  are committed to supplying the correct floor scrubber drying machines to provide a vary  long and superb cost-effective service life in underland and the North East.
All floor scrubber dryers are supplied with on-site operator training in Sunderland and the North East and a large range of many accessories to suit your particular floor cleaning requirements in Sunderland and the North east .

Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipment
We’re definitely a company up to the challenge!


Columbus  UK  supplies Sunderland  and the UK with a comprehensive range of industrial cleaning machines – from battery floor scrubbers to Push along and ride on sweepers and more. With our guidance and help , you can keep your flooring environment  flawless for the long term in sunderland and the North East.
Whether you’re dealing with a routine dust , dirt or even oil problem or  even a potential contamination , we will have the equipment to provide  a cost-effective solution for you in Sunderland or the North East.

If you would like further information on Battery floor cleaners in Sunderland the Lavorwash Comfort range of cleaner is available in Sunderland, or  if  you require floor cleaning machine advice, contact us on 01325 371439.  Alternatively, send us an email at and we’ll be happy to assist in Sunderland and the North East .