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We offer a variety of Industrial  floor cleaners in Teesside with a large portfolio of  industrial cleaning equipment to suit any floor cleaning requirement you might have. Whether you’re looking for Industrial vacuum cleaners, floor scrubber dryer or battery floor cleaner in Teesside, with a range of heavy-duty battery floor cleaner in Teesside , you’ll be able to find what you need within our range. 

If you are the operations manager of a car or manufacturing plant and require a heavy duty battery floor cleaning machine in Teesside to ensure your site floor inside or outside  is kept clean and safe at all times, we have the knowledge to  recommend the best cleaning equipment to get the job done efficiently  wherever you are  in Teesside and the North east.

To clean wide aisles and and large open areas battery floor cleaner scrubbers are available  in Teesside we would suggest the Lavorwash Comfort Range of industrial machines  in Teesside that have a  combined ride-on sweeper and scrubber dryer function. 

Our  industrial floor cleaning machine in Teesside are incredibly productive, featuring exceptional cleaning performance and efficiency  that are manufactured with simple  controls which make it easy for the operator to use any of our range of industrial  floor cleaners in Teesside.

The easy slide-out tray has the ability to sweep small debris to help avoid any blockages and streaks .  All recovery tanks are easy to clean and the heavy-duty scrub deck and squeegee bar means that it is designed and built to last and are guaranteed  for thorough cleaning of demanding applications in Teesside and the North east .

The Lavorwash Comfort Duotech floor cleaner is available in Teesside and is available for short-term hire, rolling hire, lease purchase and outright purchase, whichever  you require for ensuring the cleanliness of your factory  facility floor cleaner in Teesside.  Included with all of our range of battery  floor cleaner in Teesside will be  machine familiarisation and operator check sheets and training  are provided on delivery of all floor cleaneing machines  in Teesside together with our mobile service engineers for ongoing and fast response service support  on battery push along and sit on floor cleaners in Teesside.

Our range of highly robust small, mid-size and large  scrubber floor cleaner in Teesside with amazing large scale capabilities that makes them ideal for cleaning warehouses and other dusty, dirty floors in Teesside, Any other  factories and manufacturing plants and any other type of industrial environment that may require scrubber driers or push along sweepers in  Teesside.


All of our range of Industrial floor cleaners in Teesside including sweepers and scrubber dryers Columbus Cleaning Machines have them  available for short term hire, rolling hire, lease and  purchase  in Teesside;  Whatever you require we have available a  floor cleaner in Teesside for ensuring the cleanliness of your facility. 

With all floor cleaners in Teesside we offer ,machine familiarisation ,operator training and specific check sheets are provided on delivery to all areas including Teesside, which goes hand-in-hand with our ongoing service support for all of our battery floor cleaners in Teesside.

If you would like further information on ride on scrubber dryers and push along cleaning machines  in Teesside or require cleaning machine advice, contact us on 01325 371439.  Alternatively, send us an email at and we’ll be happy to assist you for any Industrial floor cleaner in Teesside and the North East .