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There are many sectors of the food industry where the use of professional cleaning machines is now essential. A good example is the dairy industry. In fact, stalls, milking areas, dairies, laboratories and machinery must be washed frequently and to perfection in order to ensure the high quality standards in compliance with the law.

To prevent the proliferation of germs and bacteria, an excellent apparatus for professional cleaning, ideal for this type of environment, is the high-pressure cleaner, especially the hot-water version. This multipurpose apparatus can be used in a variety of settings thanks to the many compatible accessories that make it the perfect solution for any professional cleaning job.

Among the many models available, an excellent solution for dairy farms is the Ehrle hot water high-pressure cleaner. Thanks to options of Electrically heated and diesel heated with internal water heating coil (it may also be used without turning the boiler on), the jet flowing out reaches high temperatures that make it possible to eliminate the proliferation of microorganisms and parasites, which might compromise the wholesomeness of milk, dairy products and by-products. In just a few moments, it is thus possible to clean during the various phases of production, preserving the quality of the product.

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Columbus UK  based in Darlington, County Durham is your total solution for all types of indoor and outdoor cleaning equipment. We supply high quality industrial cleaning machines to all industries and commercial businesses in mainland Britain, including Newcastle Upon Tyne, Teesside, Durham and Wearside.

Our friendly dedicated team are available to help you with purchasing advice to ensure that you have the correct machine for your industrial floor at an affordable and cost effective price. Columbus offers premium services while ensuring affordability for all Industries.  We cover all areas from Scotland, North East of England, West Midlands down to London.

We also offer mobile service & repair support for all locations.


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