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Here at Columbus Cleaning Machines, we are experts in offering ride on scrubber hire for a wide range of industries.  We understand that food warehouses need to maintain very high levels of hygiene and have the ideal solution in the Lavorwash Comfort S-R90 ride on scrubber dryer; a high specification machine designed for heavy usage in demanding food processing applications.

The Lavorwash Comfort S-R90 battery-powered large ride on scrubber dryer has a long battery life and is one of the most compact on the market.  It is easily manoeuvrable and has the ability to clean even the toughest of environments quickly and effectively.

This heavy-duty scrubber dryer has been designed to offer a very comfortable operator experience due to the fact the controls have been manufactured for intuitive use.  Therefore, machine familiarisation in the early stages is simple.

As well as its incredibly robust structure, this model features a super-effective debris catch tray to prevent squeegee blockages and streaks.  There is also a chemical dosing system, and a corrosive resistant scrub deck and  squeegee bar.

Another great feature of the Lavorwash Comfort S-R90 is its low noise level, so you don’t need to worry about disturbing your fellow warehouse operators as you clean the premises.  Alongside its impressive floor drying performance, this makes it suitable for use at any time.

With a quick release and reconnection, maintaining the brush system is easy.  Plus, the adjustable brush pressure means that you can eradicate any level of dirt and staining on industrial floors.

The large and easy-to-clean recovery tank means you don’t need to waste valuable time refilling repeatedly because it has the ability to fulfil big jobs with no interruptions.  Even better, the fantastic suction power means floors are dry almost immediately.

A battery charger in 240v or 3 phase, machine familiarisation and check sheets are provided on delivery together with our ongoing service support.

Available for short term hire, rolling hire, and purchase, the Lavorwash Comfort S-R90 ride on scrubber dryer is a great choice for ensuring your food warehouse is consistently immaculate.

At Columbus Cleaning Machines, we have a range of heavy-duty scrubber dryers for hire.  

In addition to our standard range of high-pressure cleaners, we also offer electrically heated pressure cleaners that are ideal for use in the food preparation industry. These machines use electricity to heat water, eliminating the need for gas or oil-fired burners, and reducing emissions and operating costs.

Our electrically heated pressure cleaners are designed to provide a reliable and efficient cleaning solution, with a high-quality stainless steel construction and user-friendly controls. They are perfect for cleaning surfaces such as floors, walls, and kitchen equipment, as well as vehicles and containers.

With our electrically heated pressure cleaners, you can achieve a high level of cleanliness while reducing your carbon footprint and operating costs. Contact us today to learn more about our electrically heated pressure cleaners and how they can benefit your business.

We cover all areas of the North East including Darlington, County Durham, Teesside, Newcastle and North Yorkshire.  We also cover all areas of mainland UK.

We also offer mobile service & repair support to all locations.

If you would like further information on the large Lavorwash Comfort S-R90 Ride-on Sweeper or require machine advice, contact us on 01325 371439.  Alternatively, send us an email at and we’ll be happy to assist.