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floor scrubber dryer can make all the difference for the cleaning and sanitation of hospitals and medical facilities. For these environments, compact, fast, high performing and safe solutions are ideal, able to act efficiently both in small rooms and in larger spaces, such as in reception areas and canteens. An excellent solution for floor hygiene is the Free Evo, a professional “walk-behind” model perfect for rooms up to 1500m2.

Compact, simple to use, silent and with a control panel with operator presence safety system, the Free Evo is equipped with:

  • Dovetail squeegee, highly performing and easy to remove thanks to the practical knobs. Furthermore, in the event of an accidental impact, it releases without damage and in complete safety;
  • Intuitive control panel, from where it is also possible to activate the detergent tank, controlling all the functions of the floor washer from a single point.

Like all Lavor products, the Free Evo floor scrubber dryer also includes various accessories, such as the brush and the front and rear squeegee blades, but is also compatible with extra accessories, such as abrasive brushes, abrasive discs and squeegee blades of different thicknesses, as well as accessories related to ease of use, such as the 15 meter electric cable extension (in the case of the electric version) or various types of batteries according to your needs (in the case of battery versions). In this way it is possible to have a model that is always high performing and that perfectly meet expectations in terms of cleaning and sanitation.

The floor care of hospitals, health facilities, retirement homes, clinics and doctors’ offices is a priority. Using a floor scrubber dryer it is possible to always maintain high standards of cleanliness and hygiene, protecting the safety and well-being of doctors, operators and patients.

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