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Using industrial hot water pressure washers can be an effective way to clean surfaces in various industries, but it’s essential to prioritise safety to prevent accidents and injuries. Here are some health and safety tips when using these machines:

Training & Education: Ensure that operators are adequately trained in the safe use of hot water pressure washers.  Training should cover machine operation, maintenance and hazard identification.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Require all operators to wear appropriate PPE, including safety goggles, hearing protection, gloves, and slip-resistant footwear.  Use appropriate protective clothing to shield against hot water and high-pressure spray, especially when working with very hot water.

Equipment Inspection: Regularly inspect the pressure washer for any signs of damage or wear.  Ensure that all components, including hoses nozzles and safety features are in good working condition. 

Environmental Considerations: Be aware of environmental regulations in your area, and ensure compliance with guidelines for water usage, runoff, and waste disposal.  

Hazard Assessment: Before beginning work, conduct a hazard assessment to identify potential risks, such as tripping hazard, and the presence of flammable materials. 

Ventilation: When using hot water pressure washers in enclosed spaces, ensure proper ventilation to prevent the build up of steam and fumes, which can be harmful to operators. 

Electrical safety: Ensure that all electrical components, such as power cords and outlets, are in good condition and are grounded properly.

Burn Prevention: Exercise extreme caution when using hot water pressure washers, especially when water temperatures are elevated.  Avoid spraying hot water directly onto your skin.  Use caution when touching or handling hot surfaces on the equipment, such as the heating oil or exhaust. 

Pressure and Nozzle safety: Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the appropriate pressure and nozzle size for the task.  Be cautious when switching nozzles, avoid directing the spray towards yourself or others.

Adequate Lighting: Ensure that work areas are well-lit to improve visibility and safety.

Safe Operating Distance:  Maintain a safe distance from the surface being cleaned.  High-pressure water can cause injury if it comes into contact with the skin.

Ladder Safety:  If using a ladder to reach high areas, ensure the ladder is stable and positioned on a level surface.  Avoid overreaching while operating the pressure washer.

Emergency Response:  Have an emergency plan in place and ensure operators know how to respond to accidents or injuries.

Lockout/Tagout:  If maintenance or repair work is requires, follow proper lockout/tagout procedures to isolate the power source and prevent accidental start-up.

Chemical Handling:  If using detergents or chemicals with the pressure washer, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and wear appropriate protective gear.  Store chemicals in a safe and labelled manner.

Regular Maintenance:  Keep the pressure washer well-maintained and follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule to prevent equipment failures.

Supervision and Communication:  Ensure there is always someone present when operating the pressure washer, especially when working in remote or isolated areas. 

By following these health and safety guidelines and promoting a culture of safety in the workplace, the risks associated with using industrial hot water pressure washers can be significantly reduced, making the cleaning process safer for operators and those in the vicinity. 

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