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A high-pressure cleaner in Durham is the perfect tool for cleaning your car in complete safety. However, to get an even more amazing result that lives up to your expectations, it is important to follow a few small tips.

When you decide to wash your car with a high-pressure cleaner in Durham, make sure that you:

  • Adjust the distance and pressure of the jet. The jet pressure of a high-pressure cleaner in Durham is hundreds of bar. So you do not need to turn the jet up to full power or get too close to the car. The perfect thing is to find the right compromise between the delicateness of the surface and the type of stain to be removedRun a few tests starting from a low pressure (on models equipped with adjustable power) or from a greater distance from the surface to be washed (in fact, moving away from the surface is the same as reducing the impact of the jet on the surface). Certain high-pressure cleaners have an adjustable nozzle that can help you to control the jet better, selecting its width: with the needle jet, you can work on a smaller surface (so it is perfect for confined, encrusted stains), while with a wider jet, you can clean a larger surface with dirt all over;
  • Move into a suitable space. Make sure not to put the car in an area that could disturb your neighbours or passers-by. Thanks to its small size, extensions and ease of use, a high-pressure cleaner in Durham can even be used in small spaces, while still guaranteeing the best result;
  • Remember then to always wash it in the shade and never in full sunshine, because it increases the risk of getting annoying white rings once cleaned;
  • Remove any residual detergent or soap using water pressure. Special filters are also available for high pressure cleaner in Durham that further reduce the presence of limescale in water, avoiding any unpleasant white rings;
  • Choose a reliable, high-quality model with all the accessories that are better for making your car sparkle quickly, effortlessly and without any damage, such as the Foam System sprayer in Durham for spreading detergent around better, or the fixed or rotating brush to remove crust from the bumpers, or even the special wheel rim brush to clean even the most difficult and encrusted places on the car’s rims as quickly as possible.

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