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Honda pressure washers with Interpump pumps require regular maintenance to ensure they operate efficiently and have a long lifespan. Proper maintenance helps prevent breakdowns, extends the life of the equipment, and ensures the safety of users. Below are some common maintenance tasks for Honda pressure washers equipped with Interpump pumps:

Daily Maintenance:

Visual Inspection:

  • Check for any visible damage, such as dents or bent components.
  • Inspect hoses, connections, and fittings for leaks.
  • Ensure the power cord or cable is free from damage.

Safety Features:

  • Test emergency shut-off mechanisms to ensure they function correctly in case of an emergency.
  • Verify that safety switches, if present, are operational.

Hoses and Nozzles:

  • Inspect high-pressure hoses for signs of wear, including abrasions, bulges, or kinks.
  • Check nozzles for blockages or wear and replace if necessary.

Engine or Motor:

  • Check the oil level in the engine or motor and add oil as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Verify that the engine/motor starts and stops properly.

Regular Maintenance (Weekly or Monthly):

Water Inlet Filter:

  • Inspect and clean the water inlet filter to prevent debris from entering the system.


  • Check the oil level in the pump and replace it with the manufacturer-recommended oil if necessary.
  • Inspect pump components, such as seals, packing, and pistons, for signs of wear and replace them if needed.

Hoses and Connections:

  • Inspect the high-pressure hoses for wear, abrasions, or leaks.
  • Check hose connections and fittings for tightness.


  • Lubricate moving parts, such as pump components, bearings, and drive belts, as specified by the manufacturer.

Pressure Relief Valve:

  • Test the pressure relief valve to ensure it releases pressure when needed and reseats properly.

Periodic Maintenance (Every 3-6 Months):

Interpump Pump Maintenance:

  • Perform maintenance specific to the Interpump pump. This may include:
  • Checking and tightening pump bolts and nuts.
  • Inspecting pump seals, packing, and pistons for wear.
  • Lubricating the pump’s crankcase if required.
  • Replacing the pump’s oil with the manufacturer-recommended oil.

Annual Maintenance:

Professional Inspection:

  • Schedule an annual maintenance check by a professional technician to conduct a comprehensive inspection.
  • The technician should inspect and maintain the engine or motor, pump, burner (if applicable), and all associated components.

Component Replacement:

  • Replace any worn or damaged parts, such as seals, hoses, nozzles, or pressure relief valves.

Pressure Test:

  • Perform a pressure test to ensure the unit is operating at the correct pressure levels.

Proper maintenance is essential for the safe and efficient operation of Honda pressure washers with Interpump pumps. Adhering to the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines and keeping a detailed maintenance log helps ensure the equipment remains in optimal working condition and prolongs its lifespan. Consult the user manual and follow manufacturer recommendations for specific maintenance procedures and schedules.

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