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Here at  Columbus Cleaning Machines, we are the specialist Industrial cleaning machine supplier in the UK and Newcastle Upon Tyne for companies looking to hire Hot or cold water jet wash or high pressure cleaners in Newcastle Upon Tyne , tyne and wear that wish to hire or purchase heavy-duty cleaning machines, such as industrial pressure washers push along or sit on sweepers and battery scrubber dryers.
  • Maximum mobility –Mobile pressure cleaners are  ideal for those companies in Newcastle Upton tyne , tyne and wear  for on the move cleaning jobs where having the benefit of easy transportation is essential thanks to the clever , compact,relatively light weight  and ergonomic design. Whether loading into a vehicle In Newcastle upon tyne, tyne and wear  or carrying up steps or next level cleaning , another benefit of a hot and cold water mobile pressure cleaner is it can also be easily stored when not in use. For larger cleaning jobs in newcastle upon tyne , tyne and wear the new compact trailer PTC  pressure washer can even be towed by your can or car vehicle.
  • Total independence -Engine driven pressure cleaners in newcastle Upon Tyne can be used even where there is no water or power supply on site  Our range of petrol or diesel-powered pressure washers enable you to directly suction water from all sorts of water sources in newcastle Upon tyne , tyne and wear such as  lakes, or water bowsers making them ideal for many types of industries such as  use in farming and  agriculture, construction,oil and gas  or the public sector any where in Newcastle upon tyne, tyne and wear.
  • Industry-specific solutions – Our ange of industrial hot and cold water pressure washers are designed and tailored to your requirements, Lavorwash and Erhle pressure cleaners provides industrial jet wash machines to be used in a variety of industries in Newcastle Upon Tyne , benefitting from the strict hygiene requirements of the food manufacturing  industry to use in areas such as potentially explosive environments in Newcastle upon tyne, tyne and wear.

All hot water jet wash machines supplies in  Newcastle Upon Tyne include  familiarisation is provided on delivery and you will receive ongoing support with our team of mobile service engineers in Newcastle upon tyne  on use and maintenance.

If you own a food recycling centre or have a hot water jet wash in Newcastle Upon Tyne that needs repair or servicing please contact us

If you would like further information on hot water jet et wash or high pressure cleaners in  Newcastle Upon Tyne  or an enquiry for any of our floor cleaning machines or require Industrial cleaning machine advice, contact us on 01325 371439.  Alternatively, send us an email at and we’ll be happy to assist.