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Carpet, restroom and food hygiene machines

The Santoemma CARPET program includes the widest range of machines and accessories for professional carpet cleaning, developed to solve cleaning problems in any size area. The whole range is characterised by reliability and robustness.

Santoemma has developed its own method for the professional cleaning of carpeted areas that achieves better results than any other system available due to its patented high lift vacuum system.

Santoemma FOOD program includes a range of machines designed for cleaning different types of surfaces in food processing areas such as: supermarkets, food factories, industrial kitchens.

All the models of the range allow you to spray on the surfaces a cleaning and sanitising dense foam and to rinse the same surfaces afterwards. Dense foam allows you to optimise the chemical cleaning and sanitising action.

Rinsing is performed at an optimal pressure, which allows you to quickly remove the foam and dirt residuals. Rinsing at a controlled pressure avoids that any particle is jumping on other surfaces and prevents the creation of a haze of water vapours, which would keep in suspension the micro-organisms for several minutes. These micro-organisms would fall again on the surfaces after rinsing, affecting the efficacy of the bactericide action.

Some models of the range allow to vacuum the residual liquid as well, leaving the environments completely dry after cleaning operations.

Cleaning and sanitising of public restrooms is an important problem worldwide, which has not found yet an optimal solution. Cleaning means removing the visible dirt from all surfaces, while sanitising means removing not only visible dirt, but also invisible elements like bacteria, which can be responsible for disease transmission. This means that even after cleaning, a truly clean washroom should be periodically sanitised.

Santoemma RESTROOM Cleaning and Sanitising Program provides innovative and patented systems for cleaning and sanitising public restrooms of any type and size. By using specially designed machines, instead of manual work only, restrooms are completely cleaned and sanitised in a short time, with excellent and granted results. It is finally possible to reach a higher level in restroom’s hygiene, increase productivity and have a higher fulfilment of the cleaning operators.

Specific systems and machines have been developed by Santoemma, in order to better suit any area, according to the type and dimensions of the restrooms to be cleaned and to their optimal cleaning and sanitising plan.

Santoemma has been producing professional cleaning and sanitizing machines since 1980

Specialising in providing Carpet cleaning solutions, restroom, changing and shower areas cleaning systems and a large range of food hygiene foam machines for food production areas.

Most Popular Santoemma cleaning machines

Santoemma range of floor cleaning machines covers every application.  Areas large or small Santoemma have it covered.