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Additive Manufacturing

Processes used in additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, can create non-conductive combustible plastic powder dust which must be safely removed once the process is complete.

An industrial vacuum cleaner can undertake tasks such as the removal of dust from the production chamber/printer, floor and surrounding areas, as well as from the finished product.

Having equipment in place to effectively clean up dust will help to:

  • Protect operators from harmful dust which can cause serious skin and respiratory conditions
  • Prevent explosions
  • Reduce housekeeping and maintain machine functionality
  • Improve product quality by preventing cross contamination
  • Protect the environment

Potentially explosive dusts, such as those used in additive manufacturing, must be handled with appropriately certified ATEX equipment. Kerstar manufacturers a range of ATEX vacuums that are certified for use in zone 22.

Columbus UK is an approved distributor of Kerstar


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