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Foam Machines - Sanitize

With the Santoemma RESTROOM and FOOD area sanitization program it is possible to obtain:

  • Complete removal of dirt
  • Complete sanitization
  • Specific solutions for each area and frequency of use
  • Maintenance or background interventions
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Greater operator satisfaction
  • Increased productivity
  • Cost reduction


Foam Machines for sanitizing

RESTROOMS – The cleaning and sanitizing of public toilets is a problem all over the world, which still does not have an optimal solution. Cleaning means removing visible dirt from all surfaces, while sanitizing means removing not only visible dirt, but also invisible elements such as bacteria, which can be responsible for the transmission of diseases. This means that even after cleaning, a well-cleaned bathroom should be periodically sanitized.

The RESTROOM Santoemma program provides innovative and patented systems for cleaning and sanitizing public toilets of any type and size. Using specifically designed machines, instead of just manual work, the rooms are completely cleaned and sanitized in a short time, with excellent and guaranteed results. It is finally possible to achieve a high level of room hygiene, increasing productivity and with greater satisfaction for cleaning operators.

Specific systems and machines have been developed by Santoemma to best adapt to each area, according to the type and size of the rooms and the most appropriate cleaning and sanitizing programme.

Our machines can be used both for periodic interventions and for frequent interventions, even daily.


The FOOD program – Cleaning and sanitizing food preparation areas – includes a range of machines designed for cleaning various types of surfaces in food preparation areas, such as: supermarkets, food companies, industrial kitchens .

All the models in the range allow you to spray a dense detergent and sanitizing foam on the surfaces and to rinse the surfaces themselves. The dense foam allows you to optimize the chemical cleaning and sanitizing action of the detergent.

Rinsing is carried out at optimal pressure, which allows you to quickly remove foam and dirt residues. By rinsing at a controlled pressure, the removed particles are prevented from bouncing off other surfaces and the formation of clouds of water vapor in the environment, which would keep the micro-organisms in suspension for many minutes. These micro-organisms would deposit again on the surfaces only after rinsing, invalidating the completeness of the bactericidal action.

Some models in the range also allow you to vacuum the residual liquid from the floor, leaving the rooms completely dry after cleaning.

  • Demonstrations available on request
  • Weekly flexible hire options available with Columbus Ad-hoc
  • Available for short term hire, long term lease rental and outright purchase option of new or refurbished models
  • Supplied with machine familiarisation and Nationwide account management support
  • Mobile service engineer support – cover all areas of the North East including Darlington, County Durham, Teesside, Newcastle and North Yorkshire.  We also cover the UK far and wide
  • Extensive parts, consumables and chemical stock available in the UK


For more information on the Foam range and further machine advice, contact our hire desk on 01325 371439 or click the enquiry button.