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Lavorwash NPX4 1310-SHOWROOM MODEL - £1495+VAT

Model: Lavor NPX 1310
Operating Pressure: 1740 PSI / 120 BAR
Max. Pressure: 2175 PSI / 150 BAR
Max. Temperature: 140°
Absorbed Power: 3200W
Delivery Rate: 660 Litres / Hour
Voltage: 230 V ~50Hz
Dimensions: 94x65x90cm
Weight: 97 kg



Specification Sheet

Mobile hot water 240v pressure washer

The Lavor NPX 1310 Hot Water Pressure Washer Jet Cleaner is one of the most popular hot water pressure washers in the UK.  The main use of this pressure washer is for cleaning fleets of vehicles large or small.  However, if you have two or three cars and you want the best jet cleaner – then the Lavor NPX 1310 is the pressure washer for you.    

On the front of the steam cleaner, you will find a thermostat that will let you adjust the temperature up to 140 degrees C.  Allowing you to tailor the temperature to your liking.  

This particular machine’s pressure bar can reach 130 at 11 litres per minute. Equating to roughly 1800-1900 PSI – this along with the hot water ensures you get the best pressure washer on the market. 

The Lavorwash NPX 1310 has a 3200W motor which is coupled with a large brass pump with stainless steel pistons, ensuring quality and longevity. This unit has also got a two-motor unit which means that the main motor drives the large brass pump. The burner motor focuses on the boiler powering the fuel pump. The larger fuel tank at the front of the device runs on Diesel whereas the smaller tank is for detergent.    

The inclusion of four large wheels on the pressure washer makes the device easy to manoeuvre, whether you’re on stones, unlevel surface or on a transport yard.   

The clever Hot Water Pressure Washer’s interface makes washing vehicles as easy as possible. With easy-to-understand dials to adjust your temperature as well as a chemical regulator. The chemical regulator allows you to turn the detergent valve on and adjust the level of soap that will come out of the machine.   

– Double motor (pump and burner)
– Three high durability steel pistons brass pump head with built-in external (seat interchangeable) by-pass valve
– Stainless Steel suction & delivery valves
– Vertical burner with high thermal efficiency steel coil
– Temperature regulation gauge
– Low fuel lamp
– Detergent built-in tank for direct suction
– Delayed & 24 volt Automatic Stop System
– Safety valve
– Glycerine pressure gauge
– Ergonomic Handles & impact resistant cover.
– Four robust wheels – Ideal for moving across yards.

In the box:
1x NPX 1310
1x 10m High Pressure Hose
1x High Pressure Trigger Gun
1x High/Low Pressure Lance
1x High Pressure Nozzle