Heavy-duty, large walk-behind pedestrian industrial floor scrubber dryer, this range allows the operator to clean large areas very efficiently with ease due to its compact design and the major benefit of being battery-powered.

A popular choice on our sales and hire fleet, the heavy duty large pedestrian floor scrubber dryer has been expertly built to cover large areas on one single fill saving the operator both time and money! The tanks are 25-30% larger than comparable medium-sized pedestrian scrubber dryers, boasting 90 litre solution tank and an even larger 95 litre recovery tank, resulting in fewer refills and a much more productive cleaning routine. This popular floor-cleaning machine is the ideal scrubber dryer for many facilities that include factories, airports, retail, distribution & warehousing, builders cleans, construction and all industrial applications that you could possibly think of!


The Columbus Scrubber Dryer range can cope with such an extensive range and size of floors from large engineering sites and warehouses (due to its large-scale capacities) but also medium and small areas such as shopping centres, retail outlets and construction sites due to its compact size and ease of manoeuvrability. The innovative battery charger allows safe, easy and convenient battery charging anywhere a 240-volt outlet is available. With an extended battery runtime of up to 4 hours on our largest option, the scrubber dryer can manage larger jobs significantly more quickly and cost-effectively. Most machines have a variable speed system so you can enjoy full control of your scrubber dryer to work safely within your surroundings.

Hire or purchase?

To suit your budget, you can purchase any of our range of pedestrian walk-behind scrubber dryers, either new or fully refurbished. We can also offer short-term and rolling hire options if you’re looking for total flexibility with full maintenance built-in. All machines supplied are fitted with the most suitable brushes or pads to suit your floor type, included in the price.

For more information on our range of pedestrian walk-behind scrubber dryers or for machine advice please contact us on 01325 371439 or click the enquiry button and one of our friendly and knowledgeable team will be on hand to help.