Columbus UK, Darlington Office Based

Pro Worker EM- Showroom model £345+vat

  • 1 by pass high efficiency motors
  • Suction system with by-pass cooling
  • Power tool socket (max 2200 W)
  • Automatic ON/OFF filter shaker
  • Shock proof tank (PP)
  • Liquid float valve
  • Dirty filter indicator
  • Rotary switch
  • M/E10 filter
  • Microfiber collector filter
  • M/E10 suction filter with NANO TECH coating
  • Extension steel pipe
  • Multidiameter tool adapter
  • Flex hose elastic fastening
  • Accessories Ø35.



Specification Sheet

Industrial vacuum 240v

Power Tools Socket-

It allows the connection of power tools to the vacuum cleaner and thanks to the electronic board supplied as standard, it is possible to control the switching on and off of the vacuum cleaner using the power tool switch.

1 Motor

Equipped with a powerful vacuum motor with by-pass cooling

High Efficiency Motor

Ensures high performances and energy savings: it’s eco-friendly