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Santoemma Elite Silent- REFURBISHED £1995.00+VAT

Self-contained machine, which allows you to clean quickly large carpeted areas, with the comfort of walking forward. Particularly quiet, it is the ideal machine for hotels.

Approximate performance (basic machine)*: 250-500 m²/h
Approximate performance (professional SET)*: 340-550 m²/h
Recovery tank capacity: 50 litres
Solution tank capacity:
50 litres

Vacuum motor:


Maximum waterlift:

Maximum air-flow: 

3 stages – High waterlift
1500 W
3400 mm H2O
45 l/sec.
Pump with by-pass: 


Maximum pressure:

Maximum water-flow:

80 W
9 bar
4,5 l/min
Cleaning width (carpet/hard floor): 500/720 mm
Number of nozzles: 5
Adjustable waterflow: Yes
Instant hot water unit: Optional (HT1800)
Rotating brush: 120 W
600 rot/min
464 mm
SMARTKIT system (for automatic chemical dosing, prespray and rinsing): Optional (SMARTKIT-EL+PRESPRAY-EL)
Cable lenght: 15 m
Hose lenght: Optional
Weight (machine body): 62 kg
Weight (packaged machine): 79Kg


Push long carpet extraction- Patented vacuum system

Elite-Silent is a self-contained extractor for carpet and hard floor with manual traction. It washes, brushes and dries a 50cm strip of carpet, walking forward and cleaning up to 500sqm of carpet in one hour. Elite-Silent is an extremely quiet machine.

Santoemma’s  3 stage high-waterlift vacuum system provides exceptional dirt removal and a very short drying time.

Brush pressure and suction port pressure are adjustable according to the type of carpet to be treated.

The water flow rate can be adjusted to carry out deep cleaning or low moisture maintenance cleaning.

Elite-Silent can be supplied with the optional HT1800 instant hot water unit.

With the addition of the patented SMARTKIT system, automatic chemical dosing, carpet pre-spray and rinsing can be performed.

The optional SQ720E squeegee enables cleaning of hard floors. An additional brush, specifically for cleaning floors, is also available.

Optional external hoses and accessories can be attached to the machine, such as a carpet cleaning wand or a hand tool for cleaning upholstered fabrics and hard-to-reach corners.

Perfect for Cleaning companies, hotels, conference halls, restaurants, clubs, pubs, offices, banks, shops, cinemas, theatres, ferry boats, ships, airports,  fitness centres, school, universities, shopping centres, places of worship, mosques and all places with large or middle-sized surfaces of carpet.

  1. It is possible to clean up to 500 sq meters in one hour, thanks to the working forward system of the machine.
  2. The tanks, with 50 litres each, allow a long working autonomy and reduce the idle time necessary for the tank filling and draining.
  3. The machine moves forward without effort, thanks to the propelling action of the rotating brush.
  4. Very quiet operation, which allows the machine to be used without discomfort to the operator and other people. The machine can also be used during normal work activities and in particularly noise-sensitive environments, such as hotels, offices, and banks.
  5. The three-stage high-waterlift vacuum system enables unparalleled dirt removal and a very short drying time: carpet can be dried in 1 hour!
  6. Powerful and reliable rotary brush motor for vigorous brushing action.
  7. Ability to adjust the height of the rotating brush to suit the type of carpet and degree of dirt.
  8. Replaceable brush easily and without turning the machine over.
  9. By rotating a lever, it is possible to select deep cleaning or maintenance cleaningmode, increasing or decreasing the flow rate of water sprayed.
  10. Special profile of the vacuum head for better drying.
  11. The sprung vacuum head allows the best suction also in case of uneven floor.
  12. It is possible to regulate the pressure of the vacuum head according to the carpet thickness.
  13. All controls are placed at a comfortable height for the operator.
  14. The spraying of water can be continuous or otherwise activated by a spray lever.
  15. Quick-disconnect” spray nozzles, replaceable by hand without the use of tools. Nozzles can be cleaned easily. The entire nozzle holder manifold can be taken out of the machine without having to bend the machine to one side to disassemble the nozzles.
  16. Possibility of attaching the instant water heater (HT1800) to the machine body to increase cleaning efficiency.
  17. With the addition of the patented SMARTKIT system, automatic chemical dosing, carpet pre-spray and rinsing is possible.
  18. Possibility to connect the machine with optional external hoses and accessories that can be attached to the machine, such as a carpet cleaning wand or a hand tool for cleaning upholstered fabrics and hard-to-reach corner.
  19. Possibility to clean both carpet and hard floor with a single machine by using the optional squeegee SQ720E. The squeegee is connected to the machine thanks to a quick disconnect coupling and does not require to use any tool.
  20. Possibility to use an optional harder brush specific for hard floor.