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Santoemma Foamtec 70

Ideal model for cleaning and sanitizing particularly large restrooms, by spraying a compact foam, rinsing and vacuuming.

It allows you to clean even very dirty areas, leaving them clean, sanitized and perfumed. It is ideal for periodic deep cleaning interventions.


 Power supply
 Complete cleaning/ Quick sanitization
 120m²+20 sanitary fixtures in 25/2 minutes
 Tank capacity
70/70 liters



Foamtec70 is the biggest model in the range of machines working with Santoemma patented Foamtec system. This machine allows to completely clean and sanitize public restrooms, by sprayinga compact foam, rinsing and vacuuming. Foamtec70 is indicated for big areas.

The cleaning process is carried out through four stages:

  1. Spraying of foam on all the surfaces to be cleaned (walls, sanitary fixtures, showers and panes),
  2. Chemical action against dirt and bacteria,
  3. Rinsing with clean water,
  4. Vacuuming of residual water from floor.


Using optional devices, the same machine also allows a chemical to be nebulized to quickly sanitize previously cleaned surfaces and environments.

Santoemma has developed 3 nebulizing systems to provide the ideal solution in every situation:

a) nebulization@100micron – for surfaces

b) turbo-nebulization@50micron – for surfaces and environments

c) dryfog@7micron – for surfaces and environment



The Foamtec models, equipped with a specific gun, are able to nebulize the sanitizing chemical in the form of a liquid solution in 100 micron particles. With the nebulization at 100 micron the particles deposit evenly on the surfaces wetting them slightly and after a few minutes the particles evaporate, leaving the surfaces dry. In this way the chemical is able to act for the necessary time to carry out its sanitizing action. This is the ideal solution to quickly sanitize all washable surfaces.



By using a specific hand gun for turbo-nebulization@50micron it is also possible to deliver a mixture of air and very fine particles of pure sanitizing product with a diameter of only 50micron.

Their small size allows the particles to remain in suspension in the sanitizing air jet, which can reach points 4 meters away from the operator. By directing the jet appropriately, it can easily reach every point in the room and saturate small rooms quickly and evenly.

With turbo-nebulization@50micron, the particles wet surfaces very little, leaving them only slightly damp for a few minutes. In this way, the product is able to act for as long as it takes to perform its sanitizing action in all points.




Moreover, by adding a special Santoemma device, it is possible to deliver a sanitizing chemical in the form of 7 micron dry fog. The dry fog is delivered for a time sufficient to completely fill the rooms and then left to act for a few minutes after saturation in order to exercise its sanitizing action. This type of dry fog allows you to reach every point, without wetting the surfaces. The machine can be left inside the room to be treated. Alternatively, you can leave the machine out of the room, placing inside only the chemical tank.