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In addition to the power of the jet which makes the high-pressure cleaner an essential tool for fast and effective professional cleaning, another key aspect for sanitising rooms is  temperature. In fact, micro-germs contained in organic food waste residues die at temperatures above 75°. By using a steam generator, with the jet reaching 185°, it is possible to work on all kinds of dirt, removing it and preventing bacterial growth.

By using the steam generator for cleaning in food industries, it is possible to clean quickly and effortlessly on surfaces and machinery by destroying their bacterial load and eliminating biofilm, typical of greasy and oily residues, which is usually resistant to foams and detergents.
The main advantages that make the steam generator indispensable in food industries include:

  • Its gaseous jet which disperses in the air and can reach every point of the machinery, even those that are not visible or particularly difficult to reach. This makes the steam jet much more effective than the traditional water jet;
  • Surfaces immediately dry and ready to use. With the steam generator, sanitization takes place very quickly, allowing excellent production continuity, without setting aside cyclic cleaning operations, even several times a day;
  • Significant savings in terms of water, decreasing its use and disposal by up to 90%, as well as reducing the use of detergents and chemicals by up to 95%.

If you don’t know which generator to choose for cleaning your laboratory or food industry, a great solution is GV Vesuvio, available in five different models to meet each user’s need. Simple in use and exceptional in performance, this stainless steel apparatus produces a 10-bar jet of steam that reaches 180° in just 6 minutes.  Thanks to its intuitive control panel, it is possible to control every function, promptly carrying out any maintenance work. Convenient wheels allow moving it from one area of the plant to another and the many included accessories make it the perfect multipurpose solution for any small or large food industry plant.

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Columbus UK based in Darlington, County Durham is your total solution for all types of indoor and outdoor cleaning equipment. We supply high quality industrial cleaning machines to all industries and commercial businesses in mainland Britain, including Newcastle Upon Tyne, Teesside, Durham and Wearside.

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