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A surface cleaner is a very useful tool in the home for sanitising surfaces, floors, furniture and fabrics, thanks to the properties of water vapor.

It is equipped with a constant-pressure steam generator capable of transforming the water contained in a tank from a liquid to a gaseous state which, emitted at high temperature (up to 180° C), eliminates germs and bacteriaBed bugs are not spared from this process, so any proliferation of these pests in the home, public places or transportation can be effectively eradicated by using a steam surface cleaner.

The steam jet produced by these tools may contain a different percentage of water and steam. Depending on this percentage you have different types of steam generators:

  • saturated steam with a fair percentage of water;
  • dry saturated steam, where water is completely made to evaporate before the jet;
  • wet saturated steam, the model most commonly used in professional settings and which comprises water particles within the steam.


For the elimination of bed bugs, dry saturated steam is particularly suitable. This type of steam does not wet mattresses, clothing and other textiles to be treated in the slightest, but it has numerous advantages in treating these pests:

  • It does not damage objects and surfaces to be cleaned and makes them immediately reusable without any risk;
  • It fixes the problem of bed bug invasion economically compared to the intervention of a specialised firm, with equally effective and long-lasting results;
  • It allows action to be taken without having to leave the home, being effective in an environmentally friendly manner that is free of polluting and dangerous chemicals for humans;
  • Commercially available lances, brushes and nozzles allow the steam jet to be directed even into small crevices or between fabric fibers.

Two models of steam surface cleaners particularly suitable for eliminating bed bugs from our home are produced by Lavor and are:

  • GV KONE, very compact and powerful, delivers steam at a temperature of 143°C and is ideal for quick cleaning and sanitising upholstered furniture, fabric surfaces;
  • GV EGON VAC 4.1 PLUS, with suction function, delivers steam at 152°C, and thanks to the practical vacuuming function, it removes all residues, leaving the treated surface clean and sanitised. The many accessories included make it extremely versatile and functional and suitable for any type of surface and use.

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