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Half of Europe is subject to an alarm that started in France and soon spread to the United Kingdom, and the threat seems to be getting wider and wider: bed bugs, bloodsucking insects that proliferate in mattresses and resist insecticides.

The most effective solution to fight them is high temperature. In this article we will find out what these pesky invaders are and how to get rid of them with steam surface cleaners.

Bed bugs

The scientific name for bed bugs is Cimex Lectularius and they are scary mainly because of their entomophagous nature, that is, because they suck blood.

They are tiny, 4-5 millimeter large, wingless, reddish-brown beings. They lurk in fabrics – mattresses, carpeting, upholstery, blankets – but also in cracks in furniture, where they stay hidden during the day to come out at night and feed on the blood of sleeping humans. And they reproduce very quickly.

Their dangerousness is not related to disease transmission, but to the very strong allergic reactions they can cause through certain substances in their saliva while sucking blood. The main problems in combating them are the insecticide resistance they have developed and the exponential spread both in public places and related to travel. The use of steam surface cleaners, however, is very effective in destroying them.

Over time, bed bugs have developed a strong resistance to commonly used insect control products. The typical spray cans that can be bought in supermarkets or DIY stores, therefore, may fill our house with stains and bad odours and kill flies, spiders, mosquitoes, ants and cockroaches, but bed bugs will continue to proliferate.

A very effective and affordable method is the use of steam generators and steam surface cleaners. Temperature, in fact, greatly affects the life, proliferation and death of bed bugs. Between 15° and 30° C, these insects find their ideal climate: too bad it corresponds precisely to that of homes. Below 15°C you can induce them to a state of semi-hibernation for which they do not need to feed; but suffering the cold to save themselves from parasites is not an adoptable solution. With a temperature above 60° C, on the other hand, you are able to kill both insects and eggs.

The real solution is to perform a thorough cleaning of furniture and fabrics with a steam generator.

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