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Technological progress has always been geared towards improving human life. In the case of floor scrubber-dryers, the improvement in life has been twofold: less effort for those who have to clean, to the joy and respect especially of those who do it as their job, and cleaner environments, benefiting those who live in them.

The breakthrough in the field of machinery for cleaning large paved areas mechanically occurred in the early 1900: from there on, numerous tools for cleaning and washing floors were developed, culminating in modern professional scrubber-dryers.

Their basic structure is composed as follows:

  • brushes, varying in number, which rotate in contact with the floor;
  • a tank for the solution of water and detergent;
  • collection and suction system that collects dirty water, featuring a rubber “squeegee” conveying the residue to another dedicated tank;
  • an engine that powers it all.

Depending on the machine driving method, a distinction is made between man-behind scrubber-dryers – moved by pushing – and ride-on scrubber-dryers – including a seat and a structure to accommodate and carry the operator.

Whatever the type, the function of these machines resembles that of a manual mop: it rubs brushes on the floor, with the boost of a cleaning solution, and collects water and dissolved dirt. The key difference is that everything happens automatically, without the slightest effort, leaving the floor much cleaner and completely dry with a single wipe.

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Columbus UK based in Darlington, County Durham is your total solution for all types of indoor and outdoor cleaning equipment. We supply high quality industrial cleaning machines to all industries and commercial businesses in mainland Britain, including Newcastle Upon Tyne, Teesside, Durham and Wearside.

Our friendly dedicated team are available to help you with purchasing advice to ensure that you have the correct machine for your industrial floor at an affordable and cost effective price. Columbus offers premium services while ensuring affordability for all Industries.  We cover all areas from Scotland, North East of England, West Midlands down to London.

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