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For the removal of small debris or dust, the vacuum cleaner is the perfect ally. This tool allows you to collect and remove all types of debris in a single pass, maintaining a clean and safe environment. Using this tool for home cleaning is the tailor-made solution for those who need a quick and fast cleaning of homes, workspaces, garages, floors and furnishings, achieving an excellent result, without wasting time or taking too much effort.

To fully understand the operation of a vacuum cleaner , it is useful to start from its structure, divided into four main units:

  • The cylinder head, inside which the present motor generates the vacuum necessary for the suction activity;

  • The filter system, necessary to separate the dust from the air. It can be made of fabric, bag or cartridge (washable or HEPA);

  • The collection container, made of plastic or steel, inside which a collection bag for vacuumed debris can be inserted or not;

  • The suction hose, which can be equipped with various specialised accessories (nozzles for floors, flat lance for slits, brushes for fabrics, etc.), for even more effective suction and perfect cleaning.

Because of the need to be able to intervene in different environments, dirt and contexts, it is possible to access different subcategories of vacuum cleaners, with specific features to meet every need of your home. Among the various solutions, such as ash vacuum cleaners and carpet cleaners, an excellent product for cleaning garages, patios, swimming pools and ponds is the wet vacuum cleaner.

As the name suggests, this cleaning product not only acts on dust and debris, but also captures all kinds of liquids with a single pass, such as water, oily residues or emulsions.

The structure of the liquid aspirator is similar to that of a normal aspirator. Inside the head, however, there is a “floating” system that blocks the suction if the tank is “too full”. Furthermore, the filter system is not present here, since the air is automatically separated from the water by gravity.

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Columbus UK based in Darlington, County Durham is your total solution for all types of indoor and outdoor cleaning equipment. We supply high quality industrial cleaning machines to all industries and commercial businesses in mainland Britain, including Newcastle Upon Tyne, Teesside, Durham and Wearside.

Our friendly dedicated team are available to help you with purchasing advice to ensure that you have the correct machine for your industrial floor at an affordable and cost effective price. Columbus offers premium services while ensuring affordability for all Industries.  We cover all areas from Scotland, North East of England, West Midlands down to London.

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