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VACUUMS-Industrial options for all Industries


Single-phase industrial vacuum cleaners are mainly used for non-continuous cleaning of manufacturing areas or for overhead cleaning. Compact and flexible, they are easy to move. You can choose between models for the recovery of dry material only or models for both wet and dry applications.

Combustible dust can accumulate virtually anywhere. Choosing the right machine to collect harmful dust depends on zone classification and the type of materials collected.

Hazardous dust – When it comes to workplace safety and the potential danger level of dusts, three classes of dusts considered a risk to health have been identified: L (low risk), M (medium risk) and H (high risk). We can provide both filters and machines with L, M or H certification in accordance with the above-mentioned standards. These machines ensure every health and safety box is ticked.

Three-phase industrial vacuum cleaners are designed for continuous use. They are ideal for integration into process machines, for use in fixed installations and for heavy-duty use in general. The three-phase industrial vacuums can be equipped with side-channel blowers that offer higher vacuum rates and reduced airflow, or with turbines that release higher suction.

Pharmaceutical and food industries assure the highest level of specialization and are able to satisfy even the most demanding requirements. Whether the task is to assure absolute hygiene as in pharmaceutical clean rooms or guarantee operator safety in production sites.

Oil and Swarf industrial vacuums can vacuum up cutting oil and emulsion along with shavings. The solid and liquid components are separated via “macrofiltration,” allowing the emulsion to be reused.

Packaging and Trims – a range of industrial vacuums for the recovery of manufacturing scraps, plastic, paper and fabric produced every day during the packaging cycle, these industrial vacuums eliminate interruptions for cleaning the cutting machine, avoids scattering waste in the environment, and makes it possible to check product quality in real time,

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