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A specialist in the UK for Walk behind Industrial sweepers  businesses looking to hire or purchase Walk behind Industrial sweepers  industrial scrubber dryers and floor sweepers to clean a wide range of spaces, Columbus Cleaning Machines is also a trusted supplier to industrial contract cleaning companies.

If your industrial cleaning company is looking for Walk behind Industrial sweepers reliable equipment to do an efficient job on deep cleaning contracts or long-term contracts, look no further than  Walk behind Industrial sweepers the impressive selection of Walk behind Industrial sweepers heavy-duty sweepers and scrubber dryers we have at Columbus Cleaning Machines. 

Since we established ourselves over 17 years ago, we have grown to become a reliable and committed provider of Walk behind Industrial sweepers  heavy-duty cleaning equipment throughout the UK.

Our highly experienced and dedicated team understands the demand for a quick response and will work closely with you to ensure you choose the right Walk behind Industrial sweepers  floor machine for your business’ cleaning needs.

Regardless of what sort of Walk behind Industrial sweepers  floor cleaning machine you require, we have a wide range of Walk behind Industrial sweepers industrial models to choose from, including pedestrian and ride-on options.

We supply Walk behind Industrial sweepers  industrial sweepers for removing and containing dust and light debris, scrubber dryers for wetting, scrubbing and drying floors all-in-one go, and Walk behind Industrial sweepers even  combination sweeper scrubbers to provide the best of both worlds.

Our machines are Walk behind Industrial sweepers provided in electric, LPG, or diesel power, all of which are available on a nationwide, next-day delivery basis.

We offer our Walk behind Industrial sweepers heavy-duty floor cleaning equipment through our short-term and long-term (Flexi Hire) fleet and also supply Walk behind Industrial sweepers new and refurbished machine sales.  Whether you are in need of an emergency spot hire or have a more permanent requirement on site we have a robust range of  Walk behind Industrial sweepers  machines to suit various industrial applications.

With any equipment we supply Walk behind Industrial sweepers, we provide machine familiarisation on delivery, operator check sheets, and offer ongoing advice and support for the duration of your hire period.

At Columbus Cleaning Machines, we have a range of Walk behind Industrial sweepers industrial cleaning equipment for hire or purchase.  

If you would like further information on Walk behind Industrial sweepers any of our machines or require machine advice, contact us on 01325 371439.  Alternatively, send us an email at and we’ll be happy to assist.