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Among the most useful professional products to achieve an excellent level of floor carecleaning and thoroughly sanitising all types of surfaces, floor scrubber dryer is an indispensable tool. As the name suggests, this product allows you to wash and dry the floors with a single gesture, offering speed and safety of intervention.

Equipped with specific features designed to meet the individual needs of the customer, considering their intended use, the width of the surfaces on which to intervene, power and frequency of useprofessional floor washer-dryers are divided into two main models:

  • Walk-behind floor scrubber dryer, ideal for use in shops, offices, professional offices, dining rooms, corridors and environments with an area of less than 500 sqm. These products are characterised by their small size and compact structure, which make the cleaning experience extremely simple and easy to handle.

The use of these tools is simple and intuitive: the operator drives the floor washer thanks to a comfortable ergonomic handle, positioning him-/herself behind it and directing its path with the handle. You can choose between different models, from the simplest and most compact as a FIT to the most complex and structured as EASY-R, but all guarantee reliability, speed and depth of cleaning, responding to the needs of the individual environment.

  • Ride on” floor scrubber dryer, designed for deep cleaning of surfaces up to 12,000 sqm, such as schools, airports, warehouses, logistics centres and all those particularly large areas, but which require constant intervention to ensure a safe and clean environment. Precisely because of the width of the intervention surfaces, the technical design of these products for professional cleaning ensures the comfort of the operator, who drives the vehicle by positioning him-herself on a comfortable seat placed above the floor scrubber dryer, manoeuvring it with the intuitive steering wheel. Also in this case it is possible to choose between simpler and more compact models such as COMFORT XS-R1 ESSENTIAL or more complete and modular solutions, such as COMFORT DUOTECH, depending on the frequency of usespecific functionalities and the intended use.

Starting from an analysis of your needs, you can then choose the perfect vehicle for your office or warehouseoptimising your investment and ensuring you have access to a fast, high-performance and extremely efficient professional product.

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Columbus UK based in Darlington, County Durham is your total solution for all types of indoor and outdoor cleaning equipment. We supply high quality industrial cleaning machines to all industries and commercial businesses in mainland Britain, including Newcastle Upon Tyne, Teesside, Durham and Wearside.

Our friendly dedicated team are available to help you with purchasing advice to ensure that you have the correct machine for your industrial floor at an affordable and cost effective price. Columbus offers premium services while ensuring affordability for all Industries.  We cover all areas from Scotland, North East of England, West Midlands down to London.

We also offer mobile service & repair support to all locations.


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